Frequently Asked Questions

I guess you could say our motto, or tagline is "Fundist helps companies learn how to take and use capital well by providing the ability to communicate with shareholders, members, management and other interested parties, providing the tools to better establish KPIs, and by generating better monthly, quarterly, and annual shareholder reports more easily, drastically cutting the human-capital cost in managing interested party communications."

But what does any of that mean?

The current state of startups and firms taking PE capital is as it should be: people that know a lot about their area or arena, let's say, working hard to bring a product to market.

So you're a programmer and you're developing the next great application. Or you're an engineer putting together RFID device, or a better mousetrap.

Great. The world needs you to do that.

But, you probably don't know anything about putting together shareholder reports, keeping logs of communications, what the requirements are under certain titles or codes of law - or even in your shareholder's agreement (sans an attorney telling you)

Enter Fundist. We help you put together your reports and analyze your data without you having to take years off your lifespan trying to figure it all out.

It's as simple as that.


What's with the loans, credit lines, and funding docs/parnterships we offer?

Simply put, some of you are going to have a really hard time figuring out how to get money. So we're making that easier for you.

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